1850 Marine Mech: Watching the world Burn!

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    Hello everyone just want to welcome you to my profile as well as my youtube channel. My name is Aaron, the Famed Armour...


So two anti-air tanks, eh?  Solid choice I'd say, except that our local store meta isn't very flyer heavy - unless you're going against Timetrx.

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Ya I was trying to make a all comers list for this not just with the store meta in mind . One of the hopes of it is to use teh flyers 12 armour to protect the rhinos and if there up front blocking sight to the rhinos I may not give up first blood.  For those that are playing heavy skimmer lists sky fire still fire at full bs so for those eldar and dark eldar lists. Hoping we see more enter the league though may trade that stalker for a another landspeeder with melta or a whirlwind.

General Soban


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Interesting list.  I would consider changing two squads to plasma rifle/combi plasma.  I know that flamers are wonderful for Sallies, but I think 4 might be overkill.  I little ranged S7 AP2 firepower might help.

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Was thinking of adding the plasma the only issue I have had is that that ap 2 hasn't been helping to much either either at long range its not enough shots or strength to hurt anything or even agansit terminators due to the amount of feel no pain that has been runing around of late am really finding the risk of the of plasma slowly not worth it.

General Soban


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Skyfire works against skimmers?!??!?  Well that's... troubling.

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Ouch.  So Anti-air weapons will devestate me.  Definitely +1 on this bad boy.

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Sizzly you still get your jink but with 4 shots strength 7 twinlinked on one vechile its a good little ship for hitting skimmers sure it won't be effect agansit anything but skimmers and flyers I think its a still a great tank for it.

General Soban


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You still get your jink save but the 4 strength 7 tiwnlinked shots agansit skimmers do help out :)

General Soban