Belle River Apocalypse 2017

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    I play Warhammer 40K. I'm a Dark Eldar Snob. I made this site.

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Thanks, everybody who showed up for the big game yesterday. Hope you all had enough to eat & drink!
Congratulations to Sizzly for performing the most heinous act of betrayal imaginable. Nobody saw it coming! And it was so utterly destructive. Imagine: Horus called out Roboute Guilliman for a one on one combat. Slowly, turn by turn, these two titans inched their way across the board, eschewing the battle around them, leaving their subordinates to perform their menial tasks: this was gonna be Primarch vs Primarch - an epic showdown, the results of which would have been etched in all our memories for all time (sort of like that time Lascannon Joe blew up that tank).
With the enemies finally within reach - an easy charge distance away, Sizzly made his move. Sizzly has this Eldar army, you see. And with this army he has this model. A really big model. Well, maybe colossal would be a better way to describe it. He has a Phantom Titan - and it is as beautiful as it is destructive. As backup support (can't remember if he needed it) he also positioned a couple of his skimmers within easy shot.
And so there is the scene set out before you. With Horus & Guilliman itching for the shooting phase to end so that they could finally commence their battle, Sizzly pulls out his personal secret objective - he was tasked with the objective of betraying a friendly warlord. Yes, the Luna Wolves were his allies. And yes, he didn't have to target Horus, but he did. With a Titan! Not even the Warmaster could shrug off that much shooting. In the end Guilliman was left flat footed with burning bits of flesh stuck to his armour. And I can't say for sure, but I think I saw a tear well up in Soban's eye.
That was well played Sizzly. I mean Zarankenial blew up my Baneblade; I tried to kill Deathfang’s Predator; Jesse blew up his own apothecary with a vortex bomb – he was the only guy to wound the titan; but your betrayal was on a whole other level. I salute you, my friend. Kudos.

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