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As I was looking online for a template to write down a list I stumbled upon this little gem. All factions are on it, customization options and detachments are there, and it is free. It can be a little wonky but it works. The site is: https://webapplications-webroster.rhcloud.com/rc/web/#!/rosterCreator Best way to keep the list is go to Print Preview and download the image.
Hey guys. As some of you know I am working on my 30k space wolves army. Recently book 7 of the Horus Heresy campaign was released with the rules for my army, the Thousand Sons, and the Emperor's Talon armies. I would prefer not to pay a large amount of money for just the book. Does anyone know of any websites that would have Inferno in a pdf format so I can continue to learn their rules and build my army?