GWTW 40K League MMXVII - C

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Player Victory Defeat
Ryan mckay
2 0
Space Marines
2 0
2 0
Santos Romano
Blood Angels
1 2
Tau Empire
1 1
Death Guard
1 1
1 1
West Bertozzi
1 1
Space Wolves
1 1
Imperial Guard
1 1
Simon Cartmale
Forces of the Eldar Race
1 1
1 1
Dark Angels
0 2
Steve L
Astra Militarum
0 1

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Ahoy, commanders! It's with a bit of embarrasment that I note that it's been a while since we had a league.  I intended to do a slow grow league when 8th edition came out but for various reasons that didn't happen.  In any case, it's league time!


  • The first round pairings will be generated on 2017/09/18 at 1am EST.
  • Lists are restricted to 2000 points.
  • All published codexes, indexes, White Dwarf lists are valid.
  • Proxies are not allowed (although rule of cool does apply).
  • You may play different lists throughout the event (i.e. you don't have to play the same list each game).
  • Prizes will be awarded for the top three players.
  • There is no entry fee this time.
  • Each league round is 2 weeks.  You will need to play your assigned opponent within that time period or indicate forfeit.
  • If neither player reports the results of a battle before the next round begins both players count as receiving a loss.

These are pretty much the standard rules we've been playing with but if you have any questions feel free to let me know and good luck!

Carpe Acies!


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yassssss   always love the leagues. One many rounds will it be??  I see it starts on Sept having surgery on the 15th and not sure i'll be able to make my first round.....if its only 3 rounds might not be worth me joining 

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It'll depend on how many players sign up right now I think we are at 4. Rounds are two weeks long. Hopefully you won't be out of it for two weeks!!!!  If you think you will then I hope everything goes well. 

I could also sort it so that if there's an odd number of players you'd get the first round bye if you're gonna be layed up for two weeks. 

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yah i think i shhhhoulllld be ok     ill sign up either way and if i have to forfeit the first one so be it   thanks for the quick reply Rob, looking forward to this as per usual!!

Straight from the book? Itc? Etc? Forgeworld?

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Curses!  Yeah, any mission can be played. Work it out with your opponent. Clearly tourney ready or matched play missions are ideal. 

And yeah, Forgeworld rules are official lists so you're good. Alas, 30k hasn't been converted yet. Counts as can apply with 30k.  

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Itc doesn't give first turn to who deployed first, instead +1 to dice roll...what's everyone playing so I know how to design my lists.

"There is no such thing as evil, only perspectives."

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I would argue that if you're playing ITC missions you'd follow the +1 on who goes first rule but if you're playing right out of the book you'd follow the published rules (no community chest).  But that'd be something you'll want to clear with your opponent before the game.

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Wish the club adopt a rule set, it's just confusing when your going from opponent to opponent. I'll make sure to ask my opponent, it changes my drops by 9.

"There is no such thing as evil, only perspectives."

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I think you're gonna have to.  Not everyone is going to be willing to deal with the ITC esoterica.

We should just ise the +1 for first turn. GW has already said that it will be implemented when chapter approved drops in a couple months. May as well get used to it, i say.

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