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Necrons rules

Hey guys, I’ve been in the process of getting my army back together and learning the new rules for My Necrons and I’ve run into a couple questions I wanted to ask the group. 

1) does telsa add the 2 bonus shots when firing overwatch? I’ve seen this in a Bat rep so I wanted to confirm.

2) do my RP (reanimating protocols) rolls cap at 4 like in the past? I can’t find anywhere that is says 4+ cap to RP rolls, but I don’t believe that’s true. 

Anyways thanks for help, I hope to get some games in the next couple weeks, 

hey hey buddy!   been a while

hey hey buddy!   been a while, 

1) yes, Tesla does add the 2 bonus shots when firing overwatch. 

2) in regards to this honestly not sure. Took a quick look in the FAQ and they dont mention anything there. So unless you're missing something in the codex it doesn't seem like it caps?