Warhound Scout Titan

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Warhound Scout Titan

     Finally ordered one, and armed it with a plasma blast gun , and turbo laser.  My new child comes in a few weeks, I’m gonna name him bob

Niiiiice! Perhaps you'll have

Niiiiice! Perhaps you'll have him in time for the big club Apocalypse game!? 

Side note: can't wait for Harry to meet Bob ;)

"How ironic it is that, as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair." -AUN'SHI OF VIOR'LA

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.   I'm sure Harry and bob will be the best of friends:)

A puppy bit me today, made me cry and stuff.

Warhound Titan

That's awesome, the Imperium can finally represent in the biggish league. .u.

I CANNOT wait to blow it up!

I CANNOT wait to blow it up!  Titans are so much fun.  Good choice, sir.