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I've decided to start my tuska army, and this is tuska, i still wish to add more chaos stuff and some more blood. So let me know what you think and where i can improve. and i have some boyz and stormboyz being painted so i should be posting them soon.


So right before 7th was released I grabbed another copy of the Dark Vengeance kit.  I was looking to grab more chaos cultists.  I decided to keep the Dark Angels this time and started painting 'em up.  As it turns out I found out that I really enjoy painting space marines and the Dark Angels are...

Figured I'd start getting some of my Chaos forces cleaned up and upping the quality a bitsy.

These are the first Cohort of the Malleus Deus Sanguinem. I tend to field berserkers in squads between five and eight models so the projects will reflect the "max" number of models. This squad's...