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Death Guard

Dark Imperium Box Set

I'm going to start getting back in the hobby by building and painting the new Dark Imperium Box set.

So I have these tasks ahead of me:

Build all Primaris marine Models. 22/22 Complete.
Build all Death Guard Models. 0/31 Complete.

Base all Primaris marine Models. 22/22 Complete.
Base all Death Guard Models. 0/31 Complete.

Paint all Primaris marine Models. 5/22 Complete.
Paint all Death Guard Models. 0/22 Complete.

So far work is going steady, but it's still a big project!
I'll be updating this as a I progress.

Space Marines

Primaris Marines

8 of the little bastards done so far. 14 more to go

Canadian Sentinal

Still not the greatest at free handing, but the leaf could have been worse. Weapons are magnetized for convenience.

Astra Militarum

Commissar Isaac Brock

Astra Militarum

XIII Primarch

Took a long time to get this guy done, in the process I managed to lose his belt and left shoulder plate. GW was nice enough to send me a shoulder replacement but I did not want to hassel them twice for the belt, i will find something to replace it with.


Commander Dante

I've had a small army of blood Angels for awhile now, and I'm going to start bringing them out for 8th edition.

The first model I will be painting is Commander Dante, to lead my marines.

Blood Angels

Terrain WIP

First of the Canadian Regiments

So I finally decided to start up a second army. I still wanted to be Imperial but something not many people had.

Imperial Guard

Talos: Sorrowsworn

I don't field haemonculi coven stuff very often but I do enjoy the models. My sweetie got this one for me years ago cause she thought it looked cool. It does. I'm working on finishing it up for a highlander tourney.

Dark Eldar

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