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  • Can people who are not members of iToysoldiers participate in my War Zone?

    There's nothing stopping you from creating an account for someone with one of your personal email addresses and adding them to your War Zone using the Group tab. However, we don't recommend it for a couple of reasons:

    1. All communication surrounding your league will be sent to you rather than them. This is problematic because one of the main advantages of hosting your league on iToysoldiers is the ability for players who may or may not know each other in real life to communicate on a common platform.

  • How are League Rankings Finalized?

    A Victory is worth 5 Points

    A Loss is worth 1 Point

    A Draw is worth 3 Points

    A Bye is worth 5 points (kind of a "sorry you don't get to play this round kinda bonus).

    If you don't play (or record your game) before midnight of the start of the next round both you and your opponent receive 1 point as a loss.

  • Why would I give my address to iToysoldiers?

    That's an excellent question. Here's why: iToysoldiers uses geolocation (your address) for a couple of things: 1) making pretty maps for stats and the like. 2) eventually we want to provide filters based upon location for things like potential events near you, game finder, and war zones near you.

    If you're not comfortable providing your street address, and I get it, then please provide your city, state/province, and country. That's really all we want.

  • How do I cancel my iToysoldiers account?

    Whilst I'm terribly sad that you're not interested in keeping your iToysoldiers account live there is a mechanism in place to cancel your account.  Visit  At the bottom of the screen is a button labeled, "Cancel Account".  Click that.  You'll be asked for confirmation and then your account will be closed.

  • What's the best way to get started with iToysoldiers War Zones and Events?

    The first step is to register an account with iToysoldiers and then complete a War Zone request form for your club, store or event. The link is at the bottom of the page under "Extras". Once I receive the request I can give you the ability to create War Zones and events.

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