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Khorne Daemonkin doesn't exist anymore.

Go look on GW site at the 40k armies, Khorne Daemonkin is no longer listed and there's no mention of them in either the Chaos SM or Chaos Daemon parts of the Index. My army is gone. . . :(

LAST CHANCE to sign up for the last APOC game of 7th edition. we have 2 chaos players and 2 imperium players. It would be nice if we could get at least 1 more for each side. Rules and everything is on the event page if you want to check it out. I look forward to seeing you guys on saturday.

Reminder about the Apocalypse of 7th game/event. Its an event that will take place on May 20th at Brimstone Games. It's an apocalypse game that allows any army you wish to use. It's free to sign up/play. It looks like 8th is going to come out at the beginning of next month so we should get in one final epic game in 7th to send it out with a bang, or a wagghhh, or a purge, or w.e it is your army likes to do. If you're interested go to the link and sign up.

Top 4!

So after the 4 weeks of the tournament we finally have our top 4:

1st - Viruscan 2nd - PFI 3rd - Echo Equiodox 4th - Chronic

Congrats to the people who made it into the top 4, and for those that didn't, I'm sorry the dice gods were not in your favor. If you guys enjoyed the tournament I will be hosting another one around summer time and a couple of smaller 1-day events beforehand. I've enjoyed the tournament a lot, and enjoyed meeting new people. We have a lot more people in the club than I thought we did lol. So anyways, thanks for playing and helping us have such a great...

Top 4 Update

We are still waiting on the results of one match to determine the top 4. I have gave them a 1 day extension since the results were supposed to be in by today. If they fail to play out their match, then the player who placed 5th will make it into the Top 4 by default. If you played your matche for round 4, please make sure to message me (Chronic) your results so I know where everyone fits in the standings (so I know who is 5th). If you failed to play your round 4 match, you have until tomorrow night (11:59 pm, Feb 2nd) to give me your results.

Please get your games in, I don't want...