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Game tonight?

Anyone free to get a game in tonight around 6? 2k 40k is the aim. Let me know asap.

8th Edition test game

Looking to try out 8th tomorrow. Any one else been studying and looking to play an 8th game? If so, post here and let me know. Looking to play 2k (i think this will be the new standard) and eager to bring the new bugs out to play!

8th Edition is coming soon!

Rejoice wargamers! 8th edition has been officially announced. No release date that i saw yet but go check out the community site now to confirm this glorious news! Many of us are welcoming a new edition and I for one, couldnt be more excited to see new life breathed into the game. I can only hope my Tyranids return to their former glory :)

8th edition leaks!

Well, some rule changes have been released and they are interesting! Movement characteristic is coming to 40k and changes to how shootibg is done. Check out the link below to see what all the hype is about.

Game night

Looking to play a game today at brimstone. 1850 tourney practice preferred but will play a friendly if i no one is able to bring strong comp.