The Red Waaagh!

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Alaric Prime

The Sanctus Reach System resounds to the roar of the Beast. The Red Waaagh! has conquered world after world in its galactic rampage. Only the valour of true heroes – and the low cunning of a few villains – has a hope of stopping it.

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The Red Waaagh! Descends

The Red Waaagh! has come to Alaric Prime as rust-ships filled with battle-hungry Orks descend from orbit on trails of fire, the greenskins eager to make planetfall and get stuck into the fight. Across the planet a network of fortified strongholds have been reinforced and garrisoned by the brave Imperial Guardsmen of Cadia. They stand as Alaric Prime’s first line of defence, ready to greet the Ork invaders with simple heroism and a deadly storm of firepower.

The Knights Strike Back

The Red Waaagh! has smashed into Alaric Prime and dealt the Imperial Guard defenders a reeling blow. The Knights of three noble houses, keen to begin the hunt, launch a devastating counter-attack against the greenskin horde. The Knights hope to drive the Orks from their world in a single glorious charge, but if their momentum falters, they could find themselves cut off and surrounded.

The Fall of House Kestren

Though many noble warriors fell, a handful of Knights tore through the greenskin lines to threaten the Ork flagship, Wrath of Gork. As the Knights approach, the rust-ship’s cargo ramp slams down and Warboss Grukk, commanding his personal Stompa, clanks down to meet the would-be heroes. With an enemy war machine to their fore and a pursuing mob of Orks to their rear, the last surviving Knights prepare to fight for their very lives.

Enter the Steel Host

Grukk’s Stompa has been vanquished, but only at a horrendous cost in Imperial war machines and lives. Now a trio of surviving Knights must attempt to reach friendly lines, but their escape route is blocked by a tide of angry Orks. Things look desperate indeed until help arrives in the form of the Steel Host, a Cadian armoured company bristling with firepower and ready for battle.

The River Runs Red

The onslaught continues and the Imperial Guard have fallen back to the fortifications guarding Boiling River’s main bridge-crossing. If they can hold the Orks here – a bottleneck where the xenos cannot bring their numbers to bear and where artillery can rain fire upon their close-packed ranks – they may yet buy time to organise an ordered withdrawal. However, the Orks have plenty of Weirdboyz and don’t plan to cross the bridge by conventional means…

The Clockwork Massacre

Having regrouped, Castellan Stein and the knightly houses of Alaric Prime have constructed a plan to draw Warboss Grukk into the open. Grukk – bull-headed as ever – has taken the bait and charged headlong into the jaws of a fiendish trap. Aided by the mysterious Knight Gerantius, Castellan Stein hopes to slay Grukk once and for all, but Ork Warlords are notoriously hard to kill, and they never go down without a fight.

Flight of the Morkanauts

Mogrok’s ascension to power marks the start of the War of Kunnin’, and one of his opening ploys is a surprise assault on the Cadians’ rear echelons. Having been inspired during the Obstirian War by the Space Marines’ rapid orbital descent, Mogrok has cobbled together a number of sacrificial drop-craft to deploy his killiest war machines – his Morkanauts – right into the unsuspecting humies’ lines.

Attack of the Wreckin' Krew

The defenders of Alaric Prime come under assault from above once more as Skyboss Wingnutz and his Orky aircraft drop huge wrecking balls, each a bouncing hunk of metal ploughing bloody furrows through the Imperium’s ranks. As the Ork jets circle around to get stuck in with their more conventional bombs and guns, the beleaguered forces below must scramble to activate every air-defence weapon they can.

Battle for the Oasis

Baddfrag’s Kommandos have infiltrated the Cadians’ oasis base by hanging onto the undersides of returning tanks. Waiting for nightfall, the sneaky gits have placed bombs all over the base and Ork reserves are waiting for the first explosions to join the attack. The Orks expect nothing less than a quick and brutal victory, but so long as even a single Guardsman draws breath, the greenskin onslaught will be defied.

The Klaw of Mork

The Orks have deployed a new super-weapon – the Klaw of Mork – to pull a passing comet out of orbit and bring it smashing down on Sacred Mountain. The Imperium is mounting a full assault against the super-weapon, but unless Tempestor Prime Whitlock’s Tempestus Scions can disable the power field protecting it, the attack will be doomed to fail, and the fate of Alaric Prime will be sealed.

The Imperium Sallies Forth

The Ork comet has been thrown off its collision course with the Sacred Mountain, but Mogrok has besieged Fortress Alaric nonetheless. Advancing under the protection of kustom bubble fields, the greenskins mean to stomp out the Imperium’s final fortress. The defenders, spearheaded by the knightly houses of Alaric Prime, surge forth to meet them, intent on bringing the fight to the enemy. But even as they sally forth, an Ork rust-ship launches after the wayward comet with a plan to veer it back on target.


Waaagh! Grukk

Waaagh! Grukk was a teeming fleet of Ork invaders that smashed its way straight through Sanctus Reach. At its head was Grukk himself, an Ork warlord with such a bloody reputation that Orks flocked from all around to fight at his side.

The Defenders of Alaric Prime

The combined forces of the Knights of Alaric Prime and the Cadian 1652nd.

Designer Notes

This campaign is a direct translation of the Games Workshop campaign supplement, "Sanctus Reach: The Red Waaagh!".  In order to play this campaign you'll need the supplement 'cause I haven't detailed the missions or rules for it here.  You can grab a copy of the rules from the Black Library or iTunes.

The campaign is designed for two players:  One Ork player and one Imperial player.  I'll freely admit that the force requirements for some of these missions is pretty steep.  Feel free to substitute suitable forces if you don't have the listed models in your collection.

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