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Current Modeling Project Blog Widget

Show off your current hobby project on your blog using this widget. It selects the most recently updated modeling project on iToysoldiers that’s a) been marked as “Started” and b) isn’t complete and then displays it in a panel that’s perfect as a sidebar on any of the major blog platforms (like blogger, blogspot, and wordpress). If you see, “No projects detected” then get on it and start tracking your modeling projects.

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This is what your widget will look like right now. If it's empty you just need to create some of the relevant content in order for your widget to display properly. Click "Example Widget" to see what it looks like fully populated.

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Battle Results BBcode Signature Widget

Cut and paste this into a forum that uses BBcode like phpBB

It'll look like this:

If you haven't reported any battles you may want to take a look at what an example looks like when there are battles reported: