Record your glorious exploits on the field of battle. Battle reports generate stats and as we all know, stats are cool. You can also upload photos of your battles and gain achievements for your exploits.

Modeling Projects

iToysoldiers let you track the progress of your miniature collection from acquisition to completion. Upload work in progress photos. Elaborate on your painting and modeling techniques. Keep track of your collection and how far you have to go to completion.

Army Profiles

The fluff behind your army is important and Army Profiles let you feature the stories, battles, and notable characters that have shaped your collection of miniatures into a fighting force to be feared.


Do your army lists have what it take to be reviewed by other miniature wargaming enthusiasts? Find out by submitting your list to iToysoldiers ListCrit and then vote up or down the lists of your peers.


Why should computer gamers have all the fun? We were here first! iToysoldiers rewards you with renown, achievements, and levels as you chronicle the glory of your miniature armies.

Every Game

We play lots of games! iToysoldiers is different from other miniature gaming sites because we support any game. Is your favorite game not here? Let us know.

iToysoldiers is a website all about showing off your miniature wargaming exploits.

Tell the story of your army for the world to see.