About iToysoldiers

iToysoldiers is the place to chronicle the glory of your miniature war gaming armies.  


On iToysoldiers you can do a fair number of things.  I’ve endeavored to create a platform where you can capture your miniature war gaming endeavors no matter what element of the hobby you’re into.  Think of iToysoldiers as a social media platform specifically for miniature war gaming – cause that’s really what it is. 

  • You can record battles and track your ongoing statistics.
  • You can participate in competitive leagues and tournaments at participating battlefields. 
  • You can engage in rich narrative campaigns that tell the story of a major engagement within your game’s world. 
  • You can post photos and stories of your armies.  
  • And lots more.

iToysoldiers isn’t locked to one game either.  I thought it was really important to support any table top miniature war game because us gamers tend to play a number of games and I want iToysoldiers to be the place you go to show off your gaming prowess.


Why should ‘puter gamers have all the cool tools.  We were here first!

iToysoldiers believes that miniature war games can be better by bringing the gaming, narrative, and modelling elements of the hobby together to tell the story of your army.  

Order of Battle

iToysoldiers was founded in 2012 by Rob Tacey and launched on 2013/06/01. It’s a work of love by a lone miniature war game enthusiast.

Rob Tacey

Dark Eldar snob... Oh, and I made this site!

What People are Saying

“It’s fun to broadcast your fights”

Dreggrod da Traitor (Windsor, ON)

"I think it's a great resource for sharing miniature gaming pics and thoughts, and it has a lot of tools for running campaigns and tournaments."

Thade (Windsor, ON)