Dark Eldar


The cruel, twisted Dark Eldar are piratical raiders who strike without warning, killing or enslaving all who stand in their way. Having fallen far into the depths of depravity, their every waking moment is dedicated to inflicting pain and suffering on the galaxy.

Tune in for Episode 3 of Wrong Side of the Maelstrom. This time around, Ian and Jason dig deep into starting a new army looking at everything from choosing to planning. Also part of this episode is hobby progress, games played, a Rules Lawyering segment on multiple units charging, and a Beyond the Rim that goes from the table top to the desktop. Check it out today! Episode 3 on iTunes....
A Khorne Daemonkin battle report. Draw against Dark Eldar on the fields of Brimstone Games on Oct 17, 2015.

The forces of Eldar had too much firepower that the Khorne army couldn't handle. The horde of Khorne tried to push forward only to be laid out by volume of fire. Was still a fun game, but was played better tactically by the forces of Eldar.

EDIT: I changed the victory outcome to a draw...