The Eldar teeter upon the precipice of annihilation and this race that once ruled the stars, fights a perpetual battle for survival. Few in number, they are an army of excellence, utilizing highly advanced technology and powerful psykers to defeat their foes

My first Dire Avenger Squad has been completed! This post is merely to display them and allow me to chalk them off my 'to do' list. They have actually seen action against a combined force of Ultramarines and Crimson Fists and acquitted themselves quite well. They are a pretty decent troop choice for the Eldar as they have a high rate of fire and enhanced overwatch.The models below have had their first coat of varnish (gloss) so they look a bit shiny. Once the second coat of mat varnish goes on they will look better methinks. I'm now waiting for an unseasonably warm spell due to my encounter...
A Raven Guard battle report. Victory against Eldar on the fields of Brimstone Games on Nov 11, 2017.

Fun game vs Ben. Thought I was getting shit kicked but the Primaris marines where quite versitile and soaked up enough damage to allow my contemptors to rain missiles on his two titans and the rest of his T6 + army. Was my first encounter with Eldar, bunch of sneaky sneakers

Some more models have been completed! As the Warhammer 40K train trundles along I'm making progress. As is unusual in the male dominated 41st millennium there are more female models painted this week than male. Some will be getting stuck in to 40k ASAP and the others will wend their way onto the gaming table via a more narrative route. So anyhow, bring out the lead! Blind Beggar Fish People I've been a fan of Blind Beggar...
A Necrons battle report. Defeat against Eldar on the fields of Brimstone Games on Jun 10, 2017.

Game 2 with The lion today, Necrons got tabled, Wraith Knight killed what it wanted at will.

Warriors were effective killing the Wraith guard, but couldn't take down much else.

A Blood Angels battle report. Draw against Eldar on the fields of Brimstone Games on Jun 10, 2017.

Game 1 of the day, blood Angels took on the Eldar. BA used the golden host and orbital intervention formations for some deep striking assault units. Fun game with an army I don't use much.

Game was a draw, BA was 2 inches away from Line breaker and could have won. Game ended turn 5.

An Eldar battle report. Victory against Dark Eldar on the fields of Brimstone Games on Jun 04, 2017.

In a battle to avoid the bottom of the table, me and Rob squared off with a hammer and anvil deployment, and i won all the key pregame rolls and turtled up around my void shield generator. My shooting was ok and eventually over a couple turns i whittled away some key elements of his forces,...

An Eldar battle report. Defeat against Chaos Space Marines on the fields of Brimstone Games on Jun 04, 2017.

Real close game that to be fair for most of i thought i had it in the bag. But i was playing Ivor and i should know better. We mostly exchanged blows for most of the game evenly but by turn 4 i had a good material advantage. Due to the clock though, we had to scramble to get the last 2 turns...