Approximate Reading Time: 11 minutesAnother day and another mission allied with the Tau. I say allied, I mean we fought on the same side. Today I have a debrief of how the new Ambush Mission in the 8th edition rule book played out between Astra Militarum & Tau versus Dark Angels & Harlequins. Never miss an article? Subscribe! We played 1,000 points per force. 2,000 points total per side. Quick side note: I have changed the headings in my blog’s content.I have made them all bigger and created a greater contrast between the sizes. Does it help? Did you notice? Ambush Mission Overview...
A Dark Angels battle report. Victory against Harlequins on the fields of Brimstone Games on Feb 04, 2017.

Good battle between the Dark Angels Ravenwing supported by 4th company tactical marines, and the Harlequin Troupe.

Turn 1, the harlequins advanced after the Unforgiven failed to steal the initiative, but lurking in cover and vehicles saved the marines from the rending hits of the...

Death jester- Haywire gredanes =65
Death Jester- Haywire gredanes =65
Death Jester- Stock =60
Solotaire- Cegorach's Rose, Haywire grenades =165
Shadowseer- The Mask of Secrets, Neuro disrupter, Level 2 =110
Shadowseer- The laughing God's Eye, Neuro disrupter, level 2 =115