Legion XII: World Eaters

I've finally settled on my Calth Build Off list:
Praetor in Terminator armour: Rite of War (Berserker Assault); combi-weapon (melta); chainfist; iron halo 167
• 5 Chosen Terminators: Terminator Standard Bearer (chainfist; grenade harness); 4 Chosen Terminators; 3 × combi-weapon; 4 × chainfist; heavy flamer 271


A Legion VIII: Night Lords battle report. Victory against Legion XII: World Eaters on the fields of Chateau Sizzly on Sep 10, 2016.

Rob and I had our very first 30k game tonight and it was awesome! The Night Lords took on the savage World Eaters in a clash that would ultimately see the Night Lords prevail. I want to post a little write up and what exactly went down but it's too late for me now to type out everything haha. I'...