A Tyranids battle report. Victory against Ultramarines on the fields of The Tyrant's Lair on Mar 12, 2018.

Played a practice ETC game yesterday against Iavor with my new and improved Swarmlord list. We played mission #3 which had Scorched Earth as the EW mission, Tactical Escalation for Maelstrom, and the KP differential. Iavor had his Girlyman list which included: Big Bobby G, ancient with relic...

A Tyranids battle report. Victory against Adeptus Custodes on the fields of Brimstone Games on Mar 10, 2018.

Great game against Ben yesterday. Ended up tabling him in the end as the Custodes just couldn't handle the number of bodies and smites. Also didn't help that I had his Russes tied up most of the game. Happy with my new CanHammer list and think I will stick with it.