1850 Farsight Enclave league list

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That's a pretty darned mobile list, sir.  I'm not terribly familiar with Tau in general (I haven't ever in all my years of playing gone up against 'em except in BFG) but that's a lot of fire power too.  I know my World Eaters would have a problem with this list 'cause of all the high toughness suits and those tanks can sit back at range.  Good coverage of everything.  A list to fear.

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  Yes, its VERY mobile, which is what makes it so much fun to play.  O'Shovah can deep strike without scattering (and bring a unit alone with him) which makes it even more mobile.  I forgot to mention that all units of more than 1 model have the bonding knife ritual.  Its a requirement of the Farsight enclave list, costs a point per model and gives everyone heroic morale.  Not something I would normally take, but like I said its a requirement.

  The firepower is very good but the range is a little limited.  The mobility helps that though.

Your list is really tough to go agansit with the amount of drones each unit has it really takes alot to get through the suits armour and wounding them. One of the advantages your armour has truly is that amount of fire power you can bring in 24 inchs and once you get to center board your really have almost complete domination in firepower agansit alot of armies the one ones I can think who could compete is either fellow tau, Guard, and eldar at present time. Hoping to one day beat this list !

General Soban