Dark Eldar (Featured List of the Week)

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I don't know if I'd categorize this as "Balanced" Role.  There's not much in the way of assault in this army at all.  Now...  Shootiness.  It's got that in spades.  Special weapons fulfilling anti-tank roles whilst the bulk of the infantry can mow down infantry in droves.

I'd probably defer the splinter racks on the Raiders with only 5 guys inside - not sure it's worth the points for only 10 shots but it seems like it'd be a pretty strong list.  And lots of scoring units.  That's always a good thing.

I'll certainly upvote this list for sure.

Little options for what to name this so balanced best fit...maybe add a few more? The army performs well and I was able to watch over two games and 2-3 turns of each game how it performed. It was well spread out and had amazing board control. Was used very similar to my battle company. I thought I start doing these lists weekly and its an army that I here complaints about not performing....this performs well. Cheers, West

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Any suggestions on new ones? 

I love the idea of a someone doing an "Army List" of the week!  Many thanks.  And this is a great list.  You're right - board control would be a major strength.  It'd also be pretty decent at Maelstrom objectives due to the flexibility and speed.  Granted, some would be a bear to claim (especially the DE specific ones) but it's a beast of a list. 

Looks pretty good, but how does it fare against flyers? Also, I agree with Sizzly: maybe drop the splinter racks on the smaller units' transports. Also, if you deploy your ravagers in cover, nightshields might be a good investment.


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i defer to your battle company knowledge and what can compete with it, but this is one of the lists at the Canhammer i felt my list would have massacred. when your paying for those transports vs getting them free it makes a huge difference and the guys inside arnt all holding grav. With that being said not everybody plays as eldar, but to do well in a tourney without a plan on how to kill a wraithknight could make for long games, and looking over the list i dont see whats supposed to kill the wraithknight. Scat bikes would also enjoy this list, easy to kill infantry wounding on 2s and 20 scat bikes putting out 80 s6 shots a turn, i would expect 4 behicles a turn to be detroyed by them alone.

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That much splinter fire'd kill a Wraithknight.  Granted, it'd take a lot.  Hit on 3's, wound on 4's.  3+ Save (unless you can get a 2+ somehow).  So six wounds.  That's only like 67 shots.  The three squards in Raiders can almost dish that out in a turn if they're close enough.  Doesn't take into account the Splinter racks either. 

But in deference to your point... Yeah, Eldar would play merry hell against this list but they're not really any more deadly than most other armies.  S6 shots are a pain 'cause it drops our FNP but AP2 isn't such a big deal. I'm so used to NOT getting an armor save at all that I'm cool with that.  I have to say, though, that Warp Spiders are what I fear now - more than Scat bikes.  At least with a list like this.  Everytime they're targetted they get to move.  I was shocked and horrified to find my targets jumping out of the way as soon as I targetted them.  Ugh.

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I recant.  The Wraithknight is Gargantuan.  Forgot about that.  So wounding on 6's.  Still not bad.  So then you toss in the Ap2 blasters/Darklances as well. 

Yeah, the Darklight weaponry is your wraithknight killer, though with T8 and FnP and a possible 5++, that might not be enough.


Listen to the Wrong Side of the Maelstrom, a Warhammer 40k Podcast out of Windsor and Toronto.