Dark Eldar Kabalite Raiding Party

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Dark Eldar will always be rubbish in kill point missions. Could you drop the hellions for another ravager? Also I'm not sure about the wrack formation: I feel like you could replace them with a stronger assault unit (though I don't recall what the formation does, so it might be worth it). 

In in my league game against DE, reavers were used to great effect. I recommend trying them with the new codex. 


Listen to the Wrong Side of the Maelstrom, a Warhammer 40k Podcast out of Windsor and Toronto.

Am still worried about your anti tank arms. Agansit infantry and hordes list I think this would be a solid list but am just noticing less anti tank then what you ussualy run just curious what your ideas to engage agansit knight or other heavy armour threats?

General Soban


The formation I chose, "Kabalite Raiding" party gives me an additional command benefit:  Architect of Agony.  The bonus is the Power from Pain is treated as one turn higher.  Neat.  The draw back?  Hellion Tax.  The force organization is pretty well fixed at 1 Archon.  1 Court.  1 Incubi. 1 Ravager.  6 Kabalite Warriors. 1 Scourge. 1 Hellion.  All of 'em have to be in transports if they can be.  So that's the restriction to grab the Architect of Agony.  I could also use this list as a base for the "Real Space Raiders Detachment" if I want more flexibility.

Yeah, the anti-tank isn't great.  I might rearrange some of the special weapons to ensure the maximum number of blasters and dark lances.

Lastly, the Wrack formation:  Grants d3 victory points on First Blood and can deep strike on turn one.  They're there to remove any rear action things like devastators, thunderfire guns, snipers, etc.

Right, I remember you telling me now. Okay, that does sound worth it.


Listen to the Wrong Side of the Maelstrom, a Warhammer 40k Podcast out of Windsor and Toronto.

We shall see...  I'm missing a fair few transports and some Kabalite Warriors and Wracks to make this list work but...  It'll be fun to drop it on the table.  heh heh heh.