Eldar 1850pts

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List and Tactics

Here is my list that I will be using in the 40k league. It has lots of fire power, speed and physic abilities.

2 Farseers on jet bickes with singing spears

9 Dire avengers with Exarch (shimmer shield and power weapon) in Wave serpent with shuricken cannons and holo fields

6 jet bikes with 2 shuriken cannons

6 jet bikes with 2 shuriken cannons

3 vipers with shuriken cannons and star cannons

3 vipers with shuriken cannons and star cannons

9 warp spiders with Exarch (fastshot)

5 Dark Reapers with starshot, Exarch (flack missile, fast shot, night vision and  EML)

1 fire prism with holo fields

1 fire prism with holo fields 


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    So far I have really only gotten into Warhammer 40K becuase that is what I grew up with. I started with Blood angels but...


I'm a big fan of mechanized (Dark) Eldar armies.  I imagine that this list would do pretty well.  Perhaps a bit shy of bodies but with all the vehicles you're certainly going to be giving your opponent fits with target priority.

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yeah I know that there is a little lack of troops with only three. but with the dire avengers in a wave serpent (a tough egg to crack) and a shimmer shield they last until the end. and with jet bikes being so fast I make sure that I decide what will shoot at them. and a 5+ jink with 3+ save is nice too. but also like you said if they focus too much on my troops my other units can whipe out whole other units in one turn if used propperly.

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I tend to use Jet Bikes the same way.  They're bait to attract shooting.  If folks ignore 'em they'll be in their lines lickety split and that's cool too.

How're you dealing with air superiority?

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that is a bit of a concern but I do have a dark reaper exarch with 2 shots of flack missile hitting on 2's ignoring jink. and there is a lot of twin linked goodness with the farseers. I have not had too much trouble with fliers except the helldrakes because they ignore my jink and armor saves.