Luna Wolves 1000 Points

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    Hello everyone just want to welcome you to my profile as well as my youtube channel. My name is Aaron, the Famed Armour...


Yeah, armour 14's a problem. I'd also be concerned about grabbing objectives, as your big squads will be plodding along on foot. Maybe take a predator annihilator to deal with armour 14, 'cause with fury of the legion you've got infantry covered. 


Listen to the Wrong Side of the Maelstrom, a Warhammer 40k Podcast out of Windsor and Toronto.

The other option is I can drop the apocthcaries, predator drop them all down to 10 man squads and take either heavy weapon squads or support squads but they do take alot of points to run them but the amount of dakka you can bring is nice.

General Soban


Mechanicum has a lot of ways to make mincemeat out of marines. Krios Tanks will give you trouble.