Magnus' Wrath

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That's a super low model count. Is it the psychic phase that powerful? What sort of games are most successful with these guys?

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Well the only thing to break Magnus so far was an Ultramarine Lascannon overload. and their Pysker phase is broken. So many dice its real hard to keep up with. Plus if i take mostly Tzeentch Powers. I max out on dice every turn with an additional 12-16 dice from Psykers depending on which formations i take. Oh, plus with all the blessings i can cast. i can boost all of my units invul saves to 3+.

Beware the warp for chaos is fickle...

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Just out of curiosity, how do you think it'd do against massed poisoned weapons? I mean, 3+ invul doesn't mean a ton to me: 5+ AP on most of my stuff means your power armor is just as good. Is Magnus Monstrous or Gigantic?

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Monstrous. But how are your troops against AP 3 bolters?

Beware the warp for chaos is fickle...

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No worse than AP 5 bolsters. Tee hee.

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Hey Sizzly, R u the administrator of the website?

Beware the warp for chaos is fickle...

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I am.

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Oh Kool! You live in my home town. I live in Windsor now but i lived in Lighthouse Cove for 21 years...

Beware the warp for chaos is fickle...

I kind of agree with sizzly, there dosnt seem to be enough bodies here. I think for more casual style play , the list would be fluffy and fun to play against, but against something like a tough shooty eldar or tau list, im not sure this list could stand up to that firepower for longer than a couple turns.

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In which you are correct. But that's why I would have to possibly Sacrifice Magnus for more armor choices. Which is what I needed to do last weekend against Lion. he used that daemon price formation with the four daemon princes one from each sign. Wow so brutal, that hurt... lol.

Beware the warp for chaos is fickle...