MSU Marines

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I used a variation of the list this week. Faired well again.



"There is no such thing as evil, only perspectives."

I'm thinking of how this list would play out against my Orks. I'd suspect not very well, considering I field over 120+ models a game and grav guns are about as useless as they're gonna get against 6+ boys.

Grav guns are more or less for anti vehicle but they do drop in so if you field anything with armour 4+ they are going to do ok. The army actually fairs well against meq numbers and that's all it's faced really. It's faced a 30k Legion list of 9 vehicles/marines and faced a space wolf army of about 75 marines. The mobility of the army is there, tons of bolters and heavy bolters. I'd like to face more a horde type list for sure to try it out.



"There is no such thing as evil, only perspectives."

I'd be glad to test it someday, get to you those Tallarn in the process!

I used this list or very close to in my games...faired well. I did drop the second command squad and pred for more scouts and another speeder. New book changes things now though :(



"There is no such thing as evil, only perspectives."