Possible Michigan GT Lists. Which to take...

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Maybe i can only speak on the 2 guard lists with any authority. I see you have straken in there presumably for his ability to issue 2 orders and +1 attack to models within 6 inches of him. I think you might be better off running a company commander (31 poitns naked) to get that ability and maybe just losing the +1 attack bonus. You could mix in a priest to give the whole unit +1 attack if you wanted, but i just dont think it would be a huge loss on a unit hitting on 5s than wounding on 5s in the case of conscripts. With the 59 points you have saved, i would strongly consider taking sargent harker (50 points) in an elite slot and park him with you 3 manticores as he gives all units within 6 inches of him re-roll on 1s, and his heavy bolter itself is actually pretty solid. I intend to atleast experiment with a artillery parking lot of a couple basilisks and manticores with this guy buffing them for my own guard surrounded by conscripts.

Also, maybe we could hash it out better in person in our game nextweek, but the absolute best thing in the guard army right now and possibly the game is the scion command squad of 4 guys with 4 plasma that deep strike (64 points). You must take a temepstor prime HQ slot at 40 points also, effectively a 104 point unit that deep strike, and thanks to the primes orders, can re-roll 1s when you overcharge AND rapid fire your plasma guns, its an insane combo. In this case with your list, you also include already a single 5 man scion troop squad with 2 plasma. If you could mix in this comman squad, you can (in theory), be able to drop both the scion command squad and scion troop squad into rapid fire and overcharge range and the tempestor prime model can issue orders to both units with a free command rod. Throw a p.pistol on the scion troop champ your talking 6 plasma guns and 1 pistol all re-rolling 1s thanks to the primes orders will make any opponent a bit scared. Could save some points in this scenario by downgrading to a mere commisar from a lord commisar.

i like the guard elements in the third list but again maybe try to get sargent harker in there for re-roll of 1s, it might even be worth considering 1 manticore, 2 basilisk and 1 harker for a few poitns cheaper than 3 manticores if you cant find the points.