Summer Slaughter - 13th Legion

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no Rowboat???? but this list looks real good my friend. very balanced. i approve!

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Yea, I specifically wanted to stay away from the girlyman. I feel he makes the list so boring, sit and shoot and sit and shoot. I would bring him if he was 200 points cheaper and was just a melee power house.

You rated your own list? Look who's confident.

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Lmao I did it by accident... but still, confidence is high. Fear the 13th Legion.

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No harm. No foul. I usually only rank my lists after I play them. Coming soon: list battle statistics.

also, not sure if its just a typo? but the cost of your redemptor dread is definitely wrong.

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arg this is very true... I am not sure why battlescribe considers the heavy onslaught cannon as being free... gotta find 32 points of room now....

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hmmm 42 points... it didnt add my Icarus rocket pod either

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Battlescribe often has issues with point. Oats. Always better to double check.

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Point costs. Stupid auto correct.

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yea Ill check it tonight and make sure its not over the 2000