West's Final Canhammer List (Please Review)

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i forget the name of the model but do you not have one of those banners to let you do a shot before you get one of your devs killed?, i always feared that esepcially with an armoured list. Lots of shots, gives us a second counter horde army along with Ivors orc horde.


12 drops should give you first turn in the majority of games you play i would think, or atleast the +1. I had been down aslow as 12 but ended up with 14 which i expect to be more midpack. 

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Problem with the banner is you have to castle, and I'm going to avoid that in my games. I'd rather play agressive and I'll spread my devs out to stop drops in my backfield. And it let me add a cullexus for the same cost roughly that will be a hard thing to deal with and even harder in a psyker heavy matchup.

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