Wolves of Terra 8th Edition Imperium Faction Trail List


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So First list im going to try out for 8th Edition. Since im using only fully painted minis and those from my Luna Wolves I thought I go for a nice little fun List.For detachments im going to be running the battalion one since most of my are troops. Now since this is a list im designing of course it has a stable force built around a solid tank force and a few transports. This is going to be backed up with some allies in this case im running Grey Knights and some Assassins. Pretty much step one is to have the Tanks, Rhinos, With the tacticals stay togther and either go down one flank or the other. The Assasins will then pop up try to harras and do damage while the Terminators and Grey knights will drop from the sky and provide a solid force with good assault plus good shooting. The only concern I have is though I can deal alot of damage I don't have anything that can do some mortal wounds.

So heres the list check it out and let me know what you think.

Captain (74) 95
Relic Blade 21
Bolt Pistol
Captain in Catapractii (126)153
Relic Blade 21
Volkie Charger 6
Terminator Squad In Catapractii (5) (150)215
(lighting Claws) 65
Tactical Squad ( 8 ) 104
Tactical Squad ( 10 ) 130
Tactical Squad ( 10 ) 130
Rhino 70
Rhino 70
Predator (102) 122
Hbs 20
Predator (102)122
HBS 20
Predator (102)122
HbS 20

Grey Knights
Strike Squad (6) (114) 128
4 Force Hailberds
Psycannon 14
Grey knight Terminator Squad (5)( 220 ) 240
4 force hailberds

Vindicare Assassin 90
Callidus Assasin 80

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