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Here is what I will be bringing to CanHammer as of now. This could potentially change if/when a new Nid book is released before the event.



Combined Arms Detachment


- Flyrant with devourers and e-grubs

- Flyrant with devourers and e-grubs



- Ripper brood x3 with deep strike

- Mucolid

- Mucolid



- Venomthrope


Fast Attack:

- Spore Mines x4


Heavy Support:

- Mawloc

- Mawloc



- Bastion with comms relay



Skyblight Formation

- Flyrant with devourers and e-grubs

- Hive Crone

- Harpy with TL heavy venom cannon

- Harpy with TL heavy venom cannon

- Gargoyles x10

- Gargoyles x10

- Gargoyles x10



The list focuses on air superiority and can play the objective game decently. It's got the bastion for both comms relay and improved shrouded bubble from Venomthrope, cheap mines to null deploy with said bastion and reserve everything else, if need be. Six flying units will be tough for those without adequate ways of dealing with it. It's about as tough as I can make my Nids in the current competitive meta. I would replace those two Mawlocs with two more Hive Crones if funds and time were a commodity I could afford but, they aren't. I would be more comfortable with three Mawlocs but two will have to suffice. Triple Flyrant does what Flyrants do best, heavy lifting for the army. Sky light formation gives me OBSEC Gargoyles that can come back from being destroyed on a 4+. It comes with a nice Hive Crone tax and a not so nice double Harpy tax. The former is great as Crones have multi uses whereas the latter is pretty limited in its role. I gave them heavy venom cannons to help plink HP off vehicles and the AP4 combined with S9 helps deal with Decurian Necrons. This combined with their bombs can actually do decent damage to warrior squads and good damage to other xenon threats. Comments or criticism is always appreciated and wanted for Tournament lists such as these.

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