Battle Meta

Classification and codification of your miniature wargaming battles


  • Purge the Alien

    Warhammer 40K

    Some battles are fought with only one goal - find your enemy, crush him utterly, and take away his means to mount further resistance. Your mission is simple - kill as many enemy units as you can.

  • Crusade

    Warhammer 40K

    The battlefield is strewn with discarded equipment, wounded comrades, supplies, and other detritus of war that, for various reasons, you wish to recover. You must fight off the enemy while scouring the field to retrieve as many of these vital objectives as you can.

  • The Relic

    Warhammer 40K

    Both sides are attempting to recover a valuable relic from the front lines. It might be vital battle plans or maps, an item of spiritual significance or some other irreplaceable artefact that must be recovered at all costs.

  • Big Guns Never Tire

    Warhammer 40K

    Both sides are attempting to secure a foothold in no man's land, spearheading the attack with overwhelming firepower. For the attack to be successful, your big guns must take up key positions on the battlefield and crush the enemy's heaviest weaponry before they do the same to you.

  • The Emperor's Will

    Warhammer 40K

    Both sides are attempting to capture the enemy base of operations or another similarly vital objective, whilst defending their own.