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Journeyman League Week 2

Vulken vs Pedro

A Salamanders battle report. Victory against Imperial Fists on the fields of Casa Deathfang on Aug 14, 2016.

A battle with some rules that dan and I made up

I don't know. Fight Casual

Protectorate vs Trollbloods 35 pts (pKreoss vs Grim)

Neglected the right zone allowing him to go up 2 CPs over the course of a couple turns. Grim is hanging out in the left zone and I see a chance for an assassination and go for it. I had some pretty bad dice hate and come up short by a couple boxes. Tim manages to clear both zones on his turn to...

Warmacine/Hordes Skirmish

This was a 22 point game pitting Ryan's new Khador force led by Sorscha1 against Xerxis leading my Skorne Force. Khador also had some Winter Guard with rocket launchers, a Juggernaught, and a Destroyer. I had a min unit of both beast handlers and Cetrati as well as a Gladiator and a Sentry....

Called on Account of Journey

Alas, this game came to a close early 'cause of family commitments. It was lookin' pretty good for my DE though.

Protectorate/Trollbloods vs Protectorate/Khador 15 pts (pKreoss/pDoomy vs pKreoss/eSorscha)

This was another team league game for Machinations season 1. This was a close game. eSorscha's feat mostly annihalated Tim's Trollblood's battlegroup but left Mulg on a couple boxes with Beast 09, Mulg, and a couple other Khador models contesting the right zone. We'd scored 2 CPs on a previous...

Crushed by Iron

So… Another game against the indomitable canucklehead. He’s prepping for Warmasters, a 1600 point 40K tournament later this month so we opted to play “Tourney” style. What’s the mean? We aimed to complete the game in two hours (which we did) and we were very particular about rule...

entropy week 5

major grind through units and a big brawl with an opposing colossaly

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