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edward3h acknowledged the battle, Bloody Battle: Ogres vs Norse. 2 years 9 months ago

Bloody Battle: Ogres vs Norse

Turn 1 my Leadbelchers nearly demolished his whalers, and a successful chain lightening did a lot of damage. A sabretusk drew the berserkers into combat, which I hoped would make them a good target for the leadbelchers next turn.

Turn 2 he cast a crazy viking spell on my Leadbelchers that...

Dicewalla acknowledged the battle, Blood in the Foothills. 2 years 9 months ago

Blood in the Foothills

In search of plunder, King Erik led his Norse warband into the foothills bordering the Ogre Kingdoms. If they could defeat the ogres they would be free to raid this land.

Erik spread his horde of loyal Bondsmen and Huskarls to block the valley, while his skirmishers worked their way...

Dicewalla acknowledged the battle, Francisco, Your Days Are Numbered. 2 years 10 months ago

Francisco, Your Days Are Numbered

A company of Westerners had crossed into Saracen territory and laid waste to Saracen forces.  Nazir ibn Hamid ibn Hajjad heard of this slaughter and led his own company on a righteous march for vengeance.  


This was a battle between Ben’s Westerners and Miles’ Saracens.  We...

edward3h acknowledged the battle, Goblins repel Viking Raiders. 2 years 10 months ago

Goblins repel Viking Raiders

Edward brought the Norse, from the fan made Fantasy Armies list. They looked incredible, and it was fun to learn about a new army. He had whalers, hunters, berserkers and bondsmen. His general was a Seer (wizard) with the...

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