Ultramarines Vs Astra Millitarum


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my army quick was a mixed cadian and catachan force.

6 russes (battlecannon, 3 HB each)-18 mortor squads-9x10 guardsman (9 plasma gun, 6lascannon)-1 Sentinal-2 Primaris Psyker-Sargent Harker-3 company commanders


Fun game vs West like they always are, but my deployment mistakes and than some not ok dice rolling (to be fair West underrolled on his first turn or it would have been ugly in his favor) and its frankly got me questioning what kind of list i should even be bringing to canhammer, because while the material on the table when we quit was similar in points, had it been a progressive scoring game i would have scored nonthing while West dominated the table.  In this game in hindsight i  also choose the wrong table side (i choose a side to give my tanks cover but gave West a piece of scenery that essentially he could fit his entire Devestatorstar +his dreadnaughts with ease, huge error)

The game was literally just trading shots and casualties and to me first turn was unbelievably critical and i didnt get it and couldnt recover. West eventually turned the east flank with his interceptors and hq units, we had to call it for time and i had 6 mortors and 4 russes still on the table at full capacity while West had 1/2 his interceptors, all his HQ units and about 1/3 his devs left, no dreads left but in complete control of all the objectives but 1 and i had no chance of contesting them later.


Maybe something to take away from this game positively for me is that i liked what the mortors provided even if it was inconsistant, just the no LOS required 48 inch range of it makes it versatile to get back units of objective holders like they did this game, West unfortunetly killed 9 on the top of turn 1. I also really liked what the cadian guarsdman with the lascannons were able to do when i combine orders and cadian doctrines to get re-roll to hit lascannons making them very effecient. Frankly the Russes did nothing, i think the only variant i even like is the conqueror from FW and we cant use it at canhammer, i almost wonder if they need to go, which sucks since im about to pay to paint 6 of them, Really bad showing for the Russes today.


I actually think im going to practise deploying on my table before i play again, ive just been running out of room with this many models than the tanks need to come on and theres crap spots left.

its crazy how many games are won/lost on deployment alone. I'm with you Ryan, I honestly just need to practice deploying...i always make critical mistakes 

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This is one of the things that really annoys me. 8th edition is pretty much who ever goes first and can alpha strike harder wins. Wether it is space marines gun lines, ork teleporting boyz or tyranid first turn assaults. 99% of games I can tell who is the winner just by looking at deployment and who gets first turn. From personal experience,I have whiped out everyone everytime I have gone first and almost always lost when going second. THere is just no way to recover from loosing 200-500 points in the alpha strike then trying to retaliate. 

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Totally agree on the going second being an auto loss this edition for me sofar. Mind you i know several factions can do things to mitigate alpha strikes but the guards options for leaving models off the table in reserve are very limited. I can keep a couple squads of base infantry in reserve with the use of relics and talarn doctrine (one unit of these reserves can be tanks also) but the base infantry is garbage, and tallarn tanks cant move onto the board and double shoot first turn as they move further than allowed to allow the double shot, ill basically average 1.5 hits with a -2 AP d3 damage turret from reserves, from a 170 point models, flat out garbage. Scions ofcourse can start off the table but each codex is coming out with interceptor and they are not value costed anymore including tax units.

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Hiding some units in deep strike is effective. But, if you do not get first turn and your opponenet whipes out what is already on the table then you have lost wether your units are in deep strike or not. It sucks going second and watching all your shit die, but it also shitty going first and smashing out your opponent and watching them lose all enjoyment in the game.

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Ryan tallarn tanks move them on sideways and your under half, thier heavy weapons don't suffer from moving and firing for the hit rolls and you can shoot twice just fine...punisher cannons are best. Two of these with a screen unit of some sort is amazing. And frees up your deployment zone some and puts pressure elsewhere on the board. If you want to hang out and go over some tricks let me know, including deployment strats... Honestly I've done well most games just making less mistakes then my opponent before the game.

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