Malfean Dawn vs Black Heart


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Rob what list did you bring to this ? Curious what also Chronic brought ? Just wondering how the battle played out as a total. 

General Soban


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Well, I played the exact same list as I played against you.  Chronic fielded a largely venom based list with some unfluffy Altaioc Rangers - why unfluffy?  'cause Altaioc specifically avoid contact with other Aeldari in fear of descending into the depths of depravity that lead to the fall.  I'd count the Dark Eldar as perfect examples of that.

So we only made it to turn three.  We were playing an ITC mission - something I'm not terribly familair with and I think that hurt my scoring 'cause for sure I didn't optimize my list to address the scoring mechanisms (not that'd I'd do that anyway) but also I was new to the bonus, secondary scoring and all that.  Likely if I'd been more of an ITC guy I'd've been able to optimize my scoring choices but that's all good.

The end result was 12 to 7 (or 8) - short version I lost.  Chronic was pretty confident that he'd've claimed the game regardless but I'm not so sure.  I had a lot of stuff that hadn't been touched (scourges, my Black Heart detachment, and some other stuff) but he was leading the game for sure.

Turn one was great for my shooting.  Turn two, not so much.  Turn three was about average.  

BRB to finish this.

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Battlion of Black Heart

2x Archon

2x Lhamean

6x Kabalites with 1 blaster in each

2x Razorwing Jetfighters with dark lances and splinter cannon

9x Venoms with double splinter Cannon

Patrol of Black Heart

1x Archon with Agoniser and Blast Pistol

2x Kabalites, one squad with a blaster

Battalion of Alaitoc

1x Farseer Skyrunner

1x Warlock Skyrunner

3x Rangers

The game went a little differently than sizzly said though, I assume he just forgot a couple of things which isn't that big of a deal.
But I actually helped sizzly pick out his secondaries for the ITC mission so it wasn't a lack of familiarty that held him back for the most part, there was one instance where he didn't finish off a unit and instead hoped they would die to morale which gave up a kill point but I did mention at the beginning of the game that kill points or a variation of kill points was a thing in this game, but can understand if he did forget because even sometimes I forget. Other than that though I explained the secondaries in detail and helped him pick the same ones I would have picked if I was playing as his army against mine. I will admit my list is tailored for these missions which does give me an advantage but when it came to secondaries I picked 2 that had nothing to do with his army which were recon and behind enemy lines. The only secondary I picked based on his list was Big Game Hunter which is kill a unit with 10 or more wounds and he had 6 units that gave it up but in ITC you can only score max 4 so it's not like I got 6 points off it, just 4 max. He took headhunter which is kill a character and I had 7 characters so again he can only score 4 max but he still had 7 things he could kill for those points, the game didn't go on long enough for him to see the characters though because I hid most of them in deepstrike.

We only made it to the end of turn 2, not 3. I remember this distinctly because I had just deepstruck my venom with my characters in it on turn 2 because of the new FAQ rules, and I never had the chance to move that venom again or get my characters out so it was turn 2 that the game ended because sizzly had to leave.

The score was 12-7 like sizzly mentioned but like he also mentioned that I was confident the game was going in my favor - I had killed his razorwing and jet bomber on turn 1, and killed 2 raiders and the squads inside them, and 3 of his scourges that had dark lances and left his succubus on 1 wound. He killed only 1 venom and 3 kabalite models on turn 1 and another venom and a unit of rangers and a unit of 5 kabalites on turn 2. If you add up the amount of points we had left on the field I had about 1700ish points left of my army to sizzly's 1100ish points left and Sizzly had the first turn advantage. I also had charged his big unit of Kabalites with some venoms to stop them from shooting on the next turn, and if the kabalites chose not to leave combat then on the following turn the men inside the venoms could get out and shoot and the venoms could fly away and still shoot as normal meaning he lost out on another 100ish points of shooting on his following turn, or would have at least had to spend 1 command point to make them fire after leaving combat and he was only on 3 CP at this point which I assume he was saving for the agents of vect stratagem. The stuff he had left was far out of position in the back corner where they weren't going to accomplish much other than sitting on an objective, and the only threat they provided were the 2 darklances everything else in the corner had splinter weapons which are very bad against my list because it's so vehicle heavy. The 2 ravagers were still a threat but realistically would have only killed a couple of venoms because I had repositioned my flyers on the opposite side of the board to ensure they weren't the target of the ravagers meaning he could only kill a couple more venoms at best on his next turn which is only another 150 points off my list. With all the blasters I had in position I could have easily killed both ravagers on the next turn and most likley his scourges and the 10 kabalites I was in combat with, this again would mean I traded out much better than he would have on turn 3. Following that turn he wouldn't have anything left to sufficiently deal with my heavily mechanized force and it would be straight downhill from there.

At the same time I took away his abiltity to gain his secondaries by prioritizing the flyers which make it easy to get recon and behind enemy lines which were both secondaries he had for this game. I'm not saying it was impossible for him to still acheive those secondaries but he would have had to position some of his army in vulernable places to do so which might have meant that'd I'd kill even more on my own turn.

Like Sizzly said, I was extremely confident that I would have won the game and with that explaination it might be a little more clear. Also this isn't meant as an attack on sizzly or his interpretation of the game since everyone can be forgetful sometimes, but this is exactly how the game played out. It ended on turn 2 and after running through multiple turns in my head I could see myself taking the victory which is why I said so but didn't really explain why at the time.

Hopefully this answers your question Scherer_Soban and again I'm not trying to attack sizzly or take away from his explanation, but I felt the need to clarify a few things. And Sizzly, Hopefully we can play a rematch in the future so we can play out the full game, and my army will be fully painted this time XD. I can even play Chapter Approved missions or any other mission you're more comfortable with, I only wanted to play ITC because the whole intention of the game was to practice for my upcoming tournament which I did explain when I sent you the message asking for the game. 

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Thanks for the correction, chronic. I wasn't bagging you for my unfamiliarity with ITC. For sure you did a great job helping me out. I really appreciated it. Was my army still in the mix?  I think so. I had a squad in a raider, both scourge squads, a venom with archon, a succubus, and my full BlackHeart patrol. Lots of options were still available to me. 

So let me elaborate on why my unfamiliarity with ITC scoring made a difference. As I said you did a great job telling me what the rules were. Alas, I didn't have a document to reference. Shame on you!  But, with your guidancee I was able to pick, with your input, good objectives. The bonuses were where I think an understanding would've helped. As you mentioned I left two squads alive hoping for moral to kill them. Honestly,I wasn't hopeful and that was okay. A gutted squad is as good as dead. If I had really grasped the need to kill them forbonus points I would've. 

Aame with the mission bonus. I didn't really get the impact or theft t it existed until after the game started. I might've done stuff different to threaten your obj 

mans of course we have list building. As we discussed,your list is crafted to deny a whack of those secondary objectives. Mine? Clearly not. Familiarity with the scoring might have changed some of my choices (harlequins rather than flyer for example). 

Iy was a great game. I had a blast. I need to work on playing faster.