White Scars vs Dark Eldar: Pinned in Corner


Commanders and Leaders
Kor'Sarro Khan
Commander Survived
Most Valuable Unit
Army List
Rating 4
Commanders and Leaders
Commander Slain
Most Valuable Unit
Army List
Rating -4

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This was a rough battle for me.  West just had so many models on the table. Battle Companies are just evil. And he's right, I was totally pinned.  Even as fast as my army is (and I could've broken out) but it wouldn't have done me much good 'cause then I'd've been just as close to his forces and I've had to give up a turn of shooting - which would've been bad. 

Now I did grab a whole bunch of "Destroy" this objectives which was good since I couldn't control any objectives markers. Using the Dark Eldar Kabalite formation made it so I couldn't even really contest them.  Everything West had on the table was objective secured.

So with all that said, it was a great game.  I had a blast. I'm happy with my fluffy list 'cause even though I got slaughtered it held up better than I would've thought against all the tanks and infantry on the table.  And I love playing West.

Hey! Question for you, YAH: At one point during our game you mentioned the "Devastator Doctrine". Now, I may have been mistaken but I'm trying to understand the list and if you'd be so kind as to share with me how you obtained it I'd be much appreciative.

Nevermind.  Found it.  Layers upon layers of special rules, eh?

Ya the gladius gives it. List combines what's good with white scars AND ultramarines...

"There is no such thing as evil, only perspectives."

So I've been giving some serious thought to my performance in this battle and I think it boils down to the fact that I allowed myself to be boxed in.  My intent, as I deployed close together, was to provide a spear tip type of attack which tends to work pretty well for gaining first blood.  Alas, what it did was allow my illustrious opponent to maneuever all of his armor assets into position in order to concentrate fire on my deployment zone.

What I should be doing instead is deploy all across my deployment zone and, if possible, out of range of as many units as possible.  My forces are fast enough to converge again and leave troops deployed to address one salient or another without a target.  I think it also makes it so that a shooty army can't simply blow apart one after another of my transports.

So this is what I'm going to be trying (again) during the tourney this weekend.  Hopefully it'll be a better approach.

You never know what to do until you play and learn it. My army lacks range and I agree in the out range and stay Mobile approach. Love to play again with you it's always fun. Best of luck at your event and keep Windsor up to date on your experience.


(Insert latin quote here) -West

"There is no such thing as evil, only perspectives."

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"Insert Latin Quote"?  Are you making fun of me?  *snicker.

Yeah, I don't know why I've been doing the block recently.  It hasn't been working at all.

And of course I will be!  You too, sir!  And Tyler's going to give you some cards to give to your opponents.  Please do so. 

Good luck this weekend.

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I was thinking Rob that block could be good bait during deployment...if you can do it a little more central but still offset but majority hidden it would have opponet counter to that...your first turn you branch the board wide on both sides... Then their turn they have to adjust to you....when the oppent has to adjust and play to your game tactics you then have control. You can do that when your fast... And not many lists can be that fast.

"There is no such thing as evil, only perspectives."