Bullgryn Tactics – Warhammer 40K Blog

Approximate Reading Time: 12 minutesWelcome to my first 8th edition tactics article. My last article was a decent success I think when I wrote it three years ago on this very same topic. Time for an update. Today we will tackle the big boys of the Astra Militarum. Lets dive into some Bullgryn tactics! Bullgryn War Gear It seems there is a major change now in the way we can kit out our Bullgryns and therefore this affects our Bullgryn tactics. The Old War Gear In the past we had one load out or the other. These two load outs had two very specific […] The post...

8th Edition Battle Report – 100 PL – Astra Militarum Vs Dark Angels

Approximate Reading Time: 16 minutesWelcome to my fist 8th Edition Battle Report! It was 100 power level against Dark Angels. I wrote and published my 100 power level Astra Militarum list a few days ago. This might get fairly lengthy, so if you want to see how 8th works then keep going. 100 Power Level Dark Angels List for 8th Edition Battle Report Battle Forged +3CP, Battalion Detachment +3CP, all sharing the Adeptus Astartes keyword HQ Azrael (Warlord and +1CP) Chaplain with Crozius arcanum, Frag & Krak grenades and Plasma pistol Troops 3x Intercessor Squads Elites Deathwing Knights (in...

Eisenhorn Xenos – Cadian Shock Library, Book 5

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutesAnother book is ready for someone out there! I finished Eisenhorn Xenos around the new year and its taken me a while to place it on here. This is a great book and is well known and loved throughout the 40K community I am sure! I do not have the second one yet. I am still on Straken. Assignment of this (Eisenhorn Xenos) book will be to the first person who comments on this page saying they want the book. You must be in the UK and you only get one book from the Cadian Shock Library, ever. You should […] The post...

8th Edition Online List Builder

As I was looking online for a template to write down a list I stumbled upon this little gem. All factions are on it, customization options and detachments are there, and it is free. It can be a little wonky but it works. The site is:!/rosterCreator Best way to keep the list is go to Print Preview and download the image.

Afternoon Games

I'm free the next few afternoons and would like to try out 8th edition. If anyone wants to play a game let me know

100 Power Level Astra Militarum Force Vs Dark Angels – 40K Blog

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutesI have my very first 100 Power Level Astra Militarum list for you today to read, review and comment on. Its about 1,900 points under the 8th edition points system. Hats off to BattleScribe because moving to 8th edition has been easy! 8th edition on BattleScribe is really good so far, it works and you can easily see the power level of a list alongside the points of a list. I am unsure if others will do this and my group is still getting the grasp of 8th edition. But we decided on 100 power level, then discussed the points that […] The post...

Mark III marines

Is anyone interested in buying mark 3 marines?

New to the hobby, looking for advice!

After a solid year of talking myself out of it, I finally dived down the rabbit hole. I decided to buy the Dark Imperium box set and I am incredibly excited to get started. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for getting started; whether it be different places to buy paint, techniques, things you wish you knew starting out, anything would be most appreciated! Any tips and tricks on where to save some cash would really go a long way. Thanks for your time!

Update on Shadow War Zone – Warhammer 40K Blog

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutesIt’s been a while posting about my Shadow War Zone site. Since my last update it’s gone from strength to strength! With over 1,600 users now plus the much requested anonymous ability to create a Kill Team the site shows no sign of slowing. Campaigns are now a thing too. Create a Campaign for your friends to join and from there you can easily see the following stats for each Kill Team: Total points Total “Ranking” points – the total points for a Kill Team when awarding extra points for Fighter stat increases and skills Promethium Caches Wins, Losses and […]...

Slag Valley Bullett #15

Custody Battle Written By Cuckold Stranglethorpe IV A small criminal processing tower was the scene of a bloody skirmish as xenos, aided and abetted by heretics attempted to free a human member of The Greater Profit - alien 'traders' who have been thwarting the governance of this sector recently. Members of Jenna's Jokers, a local Inquisition Cell who never seem to be out of the news of late were guarding a prisoner when stealthy xenos scum attacked them from close range injuring three of them very quickly. The timely arrival of the rest of the Jokers prevented unspeakable alien rituals being...

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