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I was going to post a blog post as well but I figure ill just comment on yours since i dont remeber my match ups too well (lol).

I really do think the TO's kind of flopped on the whole painting aspect as well as controlling the cheese factor. Though this was only the second tournament I have attended, I have never seen so much cheese, copy paste or just straight dirty tricks being used. The guys who came with us from Wisconsin, who are avid players and do a big tournament almost every month, were the ones who actually brought these issues up to my attention. I understand the faq was 3 weeks late and it would have been bad to make ppl change lists last minute, but i think its just as bad that they allowed such lists to even be playable... One of the orc players we played had a full accompaniment of Grot tanks... which are FW - FW was banned in this tournament, was it not???


As for the paint - judging yourself is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard of. Especially since the T.O's seemed to have no time to actually look at each persons army very well. I spent 3 weeks repainting all my shit and had some guy who didnt know that Ultramarines symbols were transfers and that mine were actually free hand and transfer mix (to make them look damaged) . He looked at it for 2 min and told me im pretty much avg (35 points) .. Like WTF I had almost everyting other than many conversions (to which i asked how much is many? If I have 3 models and 1 is converted is that many?). Not to mention several of my teammates who were there for mostly paint score were also brushed by and it seemed there was a certain set of players who had the judges eyes already. Now I am not arguing that the top painter (west) didnt deserve it, or the other runners up, in fact I KNEW (his shit was too good) west was going to win. I just think it was really unfair for the rest of the people. Also the fact that they released the Sports scores 2 days before the tournament and it showed that a display board was worth 2 out of like 50 points (me and my team spent at least 100 hours on display boards) sucked big nuts as well. 


The people we pretty cool and my match ups were fun (other than the second match were I was tabled turn one due to my lack of knowledge to necrons). The best part was the massive amounts of booze and marijuana that were ingested. Getting to play the WTW was also pretty cool and i think we all had a good time beatin each other up.


Ill deff be going again next year but this time im going for the party first and the warhammer second

A turn 1 tabling? Dammmmmn.. 

Sounds like it could be a good event but I imagine people going to canhammer really are rocking the be the best gamer, painter mentality. From what you described about the organization of the event, it sounds like the hosts didn't live up to that this time round.


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Last year I was tabled 4 out of 5 games. 

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I was tabled by a guy on the team that came in last place.. I know nothing about necrons (0) and asked if he had any deepstrike. He said no, rolled to go first and promptly used his "abilities" (which he was adamant were NOT deepstrike) that are EXACTLY the same as deep strike to surround me and promptly leave me with 3 tactical marines at the end of his turn. I just shook his hand and gave up. I dont need to play or even be around dicks like that.


As for the Best of the best - i dont know if I can say that either. Were the tops teams good, yea. But are 90% of their lists now illegal - yea. I just don't know how they can cosider it a competitive tournament when the guys who won cant use the same lists in other ETC events. One table I saw at least 13-14 hive tyrants on a nid vs nid game.