I can field a Butcherhorde! For the Blood God!

World Eaters
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    I play Warhammer 40K. I'm a Dark Eldar Snob. I made this site.

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Can't wait to see it rob in the field!

General Soban


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The plan is to use 'em on Sunday.  I just need to find out how many points I'm playing against.

What is the formation? Just a bunch of Berserkers? I'd love to fight this, maybe not in CC, but fight it none the less. There's just something about power armoed hordes that make me all giddy.

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The formation is composed of Kharn, four squads of Berserkers, and four squads of CSM (who have to have the Mark of Khorne). 

Strait up, without any upgrades it comes in at 880 points but then one can tool up the squads and maybe add another formation or two...

And no.  You really don't want to face them in assault.  They'll make you very unhappy.

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Ech! That is pretty scary, but Orkzes don't back down from no fight! I'd fight you any day! 

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And Blood God cares not from where the blood comes so long as it flows.  Orks are acceptable.