Rhino Fortification Tactica

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So how do you deal with air superiority?  Or fast assault?

Let's take for example, wyches.  They can be on your tanks in a turn or two - whipping haywire grenades at your pill boxes with another squad right behind 'em to mop up the kids who're knocked out of their transports.

I know for a fact that you've got assault oriented marine armies addressed.

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Air Superiority is just focused fired from the flak missles. With the chapter tactic tank hunter on the devs from the imperial Fists it adds to it. To me the flak missles though abit of points feel like a quad gun with a extra bonus of taking out heavier tanks. In dealing with Wyches theres a couple ways to address them either fall back with your vechiles and attempt to disable there transport or focus fire on it first and take out unit as deploys one of the things you can do is deploy those marines from it and focus fire bolters it common when you need alot of firepower quickly even if you have a bastion. When its dealing with the 2 squads charges have to be set all at the same time even if they get into assualt the last unit is deployed away and the other unit can not charge any way this allows you to focus fire also with your army central you can deploy more marines as needed due to the nature changing from a longrange engagement to a shortrange at this time in short range you need alot of that extra firepower from your bolters.

Hope this helps.

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I like the idea, as a full list I am unsure. I think Rhinos still have a great place in the game and can be a bit to deal with when they number 4+. As a tournament list it would fair well because people wouldn't be prepared for just that kind of list. Catch a lot of players off guard.



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