Thoughts on the (5th ed) Blood Angels 'dex

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On characters:   I've seen this in a lot of the codexes.  You can never quite make an equivalent HQ choice as the special characters for an equivalent point value.  My example is trying to make a daemon prince equivalent to a Bloodthirster.  You just can't do it.  But that makes me wonder why so many people are averse to using special characters.  I don't know if the Blood Angels characters are any good but...

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The points cost doesn't bother me, I just want to make it interesting. I could always run my Captain as a "counts as" something. I'm really hoping the next codex has some awesome chapter relics that allow people to make really interesting characters (ala the SM dex). It just bothers me that I'll have to wait for the new codex before my characters can get artificer armour, and may have to wait that long before they fix the Descent of Angels issue.

On a different note, the rules for Astorath the Grim could work for my Captain (stats are similar, he's got a big heavy melee weapon). Only problem is he has all those chaplain rules that don't really fit.


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