Warhammer 40k: Scratch Built Space Marines Razorbacks Part 3

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So these are amazing. I have to ask though. Is the economics of scratch building worth it considering the materials and time it takes?  Honestly curious. 

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I used nearly all recycled material. I'm always saving things for later use in hobbying. Some of the stuff used in these I've been hoarding for 5+ years. Some of it is literally the plastic from my old plastic kitchen trash bin. So for me the cost for everything was probably in the single digits. Even still if you went out and bought the material you needed (plastic for sale signs, foam board, milliput) to build 4 of these it'd be about $10-$15. I'm not including the cost of Instant Mold for mold making though since I use that for a lot of different things.

That being said I wouldn't recommend just anyone attempting this. It takes some skill and was way more work than is probably worth it. I decided to do it because I had started them and wanted to see them finished. Furthermore, I don't play 40K all that much like I do WMH and wasn't about to sink $150 into a bunch of tanks that would only see occassional play.