Where to Start an Army?

This is a Pretty wide / bode one but what is a Nice Army for Age of Sigmar? my Son is into Orc's aka Greenskins and was thinking of the skaven or someone to play against him and/or battle in a tournament if possible and looking for any suggestion Going to go grab the " The Generals Handbook" tomorrrow Thanks Guys/Gals

#Squaduary – The Shame

Oh, #Spruegrey Nation how I have failed you! The goal of #Squaduary was to get one unit done. In my Thanks for reading about my hobby efforts on Sprue Grey Toy Soldiers . ...

Heresy Miniatures Review – Part 1

In a move that should be unsurprising to most, I put my foot in my mouth. On Twitter I made Thanks for reading about my hobby efforts on Sprue Grey Toy Soldiers . ...

Space Wolves Legion

Hey guys. As some of you know I am working on my 30k space wolves army. Recently book 7 of the Horus Heresy campaign was released with the rules for my army, the Thousand Sons, and the Emperor's Talon armies. I would prefer not to pay a large amount of money for just the book. Does anyone know of any websites that would have Inferno in a pdf format so I can continue to learn their rules and build my army?


Ill be at brimstone today, feb 25, taking on all walk ins for 40k

Blood bowl league

Hey guys. For anyone who might be interested that missed the older posts,I'm starting up a blood bowl league in about a week and a half. Looking to start up for the week of March 6th. I started a closed Facebook group to run the league from for simplicity's sake so if you are interested in joining the league just request to join the Facebook page. The Facebook page is called "Blood Bowl League Windsor Ontario". Simple enough! For this first season I recognize alot of people are only just discovering blood bowl, so painted models are optional to start but here's hoping everyone can bring a...

Legion Blighted Nyss Shepherd Speed Painted

With the Mk3 field allowance change to shepherds I picked up a third awhile back. Need it for some lists so thus need it painted. I've already painted this model twice and didn't care to spend a ton of time on it so I just went the quick speed paint route and did this in about an hour. Eh, it's got paint on it.

Legion: Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight

Lylyth 3 has been all the hotness in Legion since the start of Mk 3. I picked up the model right around then but it's taken me quite awhile to get around to getting it all assembled and painted. Finally got it all finished and I'm looking forward to getting some games in with her. ...

#Squaduary – Progress report

#Squaduary progress has been rapid (for me). I’ve got my paint scheme worked out and my test model finished! From Thanks for reading about my hobby efforts on Sprue Grey Toy Soldiers . ...

Slag Valley Bullett #13

Rebellion On Trotskigrad Quelled By Pastor Pyranium Devout The righteous population on the Imperial planet of Trotskigrad showed their devotion and loyalty when seditious rebels declared the planet separate from the Imperium and the Ecclesiarchy. The attempted coup was initially successful when the rebels (aided by off world military forces - possibly renegade Astartes) took control of the Imperial Governors palace, executing him and thousands of his staff and household troops. The now leaderless defence forces were facing annihilation but for the mobilization of some of the mining militia...

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