Woo hoo! I'm up to two completed models. *sigh. Painting is a slow process for me. I've got one berserker done and my dreadnaught. I hope to have pictures soon but... It is what it is. We will not be counting basing - I haven't decided what I want to do there yet.
Don't. I repeat. Don't use them. Whilst the "dusty rose" color may look appropriate the paint comes out thick and goopy and it fills in all the details.It also covers you in paint. I swear I could've been an extra in SAW VII. Let's just say it again, Boyd spray paint sucks.
HQOrias - Chaos Lord Terminator Armor Mark of Khorne Power weapon EliteChaos Terminators (5) Aspiring Champion Pair of lightning claws (1) Chain Fist (2) Combi weapon (2) Powerfist (2) One with Icon of Khorne Chaos Dreadnaught 2 Dreadnaught CCW Troops Rhino - 45 Pintle mounted TL bolter. Dozer blade Khorne Berserkers 1 - 8 Berserkers One with icon 2 with Plasma pistol Skull Champion Upgradew/Power weapon Khorne Berserkers 2 - 8 Berserkers Skull Champion Upgrade w/Plasma Pistol and Power Fist One with icon 1 Plasma Pistol Khorne Berserkers 3 - 8 Berserkers Skull Champion Upgrade w/Plasma...