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Is anyone looking for primaris marines and other units? I have a small force of the primaris marines. 20 marines, 20 rievers, 5 hellblasters, 3 aggressors, 3 interceptors, a bunch of characters, and 2 repulsers. If anyone is interested pm me.
So as of right now I've decided to partially get out of the hobby so what that means is I'm looking to sell a vast majority of my stuff at a pretty good price. Things I have include but are not limited too; Sisters of battle models, some tau models, a small deathwatch army, a small army of stormcast eternals and some other goods.
Putting most of my shit up for sale. Deathwatch -watchmaster -captain artemis -Corvus blackstar -15 marines -5 assualt marines -dreadnaught Ad mech -starter set -kastellans box Harlequins -18 players -4 unfinished starweavers/voidweavers -12 jetbikes -3 death jesters -3 shadowseers -1 soltaire
I need help making a competitive 2000pt blood angels list. I have some ideas on what to start with (Supreme command detachment and vanguard detachment) Basically looks a little something like this. Command Supremacy Detachment Sanguinor Lemartes Librarian w/JP Base Sword Pistol F&K Vanguard Detachment Sanguinary Priest w/JP Base Power Sword Pistol F&K Assault Squad (JP) Marine x10 Flamer x2 Power Sword x1 Chainsword x9 Bolt Pistol x10 Combat Shield x1 Assault Squad (JP) Marine x10 Meltagun x2 Power Sword x1 Chainsword x9 Bolt Pistol x10 Combat Shield Axe Guard SG x5 Axe x 4 Power Fist...