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If I may add onto the Genestealer Cults, leaked images of the next White Dwarf make them out to be ... rather odd, actually!


Let's start with the more mediocre choices. The cultists and hybrids are unremarkable Guardsmen-equivalents. All the weapon options are fixed, what you get in the box is what you get in the unit. No options for additional upgrades. The Genestealer Princelings are good, but you only get two without any chance of adding more models to the unit, which make them easily the weakest choice you could possibly take in the Cult list. 

The good is more of a range of "alright" to "awesome". The Abberations, the big hybrid fellows, are decent assault units. They have high strength, low AP weapons. They fall flat when you consider their options, or rather, their lack of. Like all the other units in the codex, they don't have the option to take anything else, their weapon options are fixed. They also have a rather weak armor save and relatively low toughness. You also have the Cult Magus and Patriarch. These are your psyker characters. Mastery Level 2 with access to Telepathy, which is *HUGE* for Tyranid players. This means the Cult and Tyranids now have access to Invisibility. The Patriarch is a really beefy Broodlord, he could hold his own in an assault.

By far the best thing that came out of the leak is a formation. For 600 points, you field the Genestealer half of the Overkill box. The bonuses are substantial, to say the least. The entire formation can Infiltrate anywhere, so aslong as they are 1" away from any enemy model. They can also attempt a first turn charge. I believe the entire formation gets Shrouded as well, though I'm not certain. I can see this formation making a real nice allied force for any Tyranid player.

Kk, I just popped over to BOLS to check out the rules: definitely way better than the Deathwatch. Though, I believe only the patriarch and purestrain 'stealers can infiltrate super close (but everything can still attempt a turn 1 charge). Also, the formation doesn't form one huge unit, which is nice since there's close combat stuff but also Heavy weapons.

I don't know if Telepathy is that game changing on a level 2 since you still need to roll for it, but this stuff will definitely help the 'Nids.

Also, I'm very interested to see the points cost on all these cult units.


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(Reply to #2)

They have all the point costs on the leaks I saw from Faeit 212. They're ... cheap?

I'm pretty sure these are sort of temporary rules until they come out with a proper mini-dex.

Anyway, I'm looking at the formation now, it looks like the entire formation indeed gets the Infiltrate and Shrouded rules. It looks like you're right about the Princeling/Patriarch infiltrating 1" away, so that's my fault there. Makes the whole formation a whole lot less awesome in my opinion. I'll wait to see what they will do in the future, because the Cult isn't exactly 100% playable as it is, though I suppose that's not the point.

I will be commenting on the cult later tonight when I'm free from work. I have mixed feelings about what I'm seeing from the leaks. 

"How ironic it is that, as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair." -AUN'SHI OF VIOR'LA

So, before I give my thoughts from a Tyranid player point of view, I should mention that I believe this to be GW's way of "testing the waters" for a possible genestealer cult codex. If that is the case, they have a decent starting place at least. 


The very first thing to notice is the odd unit sizes. It seems obvious that it is simply so restrictive due to the models presented in the box and should a GSC codex be released, I'm sure the unit sizes can be bumped up. The aberrants come with neato power weapons and rending claws, as well as FnP. Not bad but the unit is four models strong. The acolyte hybrids and neophyte hybrids are both actually pretty decent cc units. The former comes with rending claws and fearless too while the latter are basically guardsman. Both do happen to also have something I have always wanted for any Tyranid related thing...frag grenades! The patriarch and magos each have access to telepathy and are level 2 psykers. They are unique though so yeah they can get invisibility but it's not exactly reliable and as is, very difficult to work with other Tyranid codex units. As Thade said, you still gotta roll for the power. The patriarch is also not too shabby in cc. Its claws are ap 3 and have both rending and shred which is pretty sweet.


The formation does bring the some real badass rules in the form of shrouded for first turn, infiltrate just over an inch away from the enemy and first turn charges even if you infiltrate! Yes please! Of course, you have to bear in mind the fact that that the units in the formation are at their set unit sizes (which are dumb but again, testing waters) and they also aren't exactly durable cc units. It's a great way to disrupt small units and tie up things early allowing other Nid nasties to get where they need to be.


My overall opinion is this:

I love most of the rules I am seeing and really hope that this does lead to a genestealer cult codex (which is hopefully decent at least). It will be good for Tyranids to actually have an ally to use, especially for events which ban come the apocalypse allies. What problem might I have with this release? I personally don't really give a shit about the cults. Not that I don't like the fluff or models (which are gorgeous by the way!), I just want my Nids to have some of these cool and especially fluffy rules. I want turn one charges, frag grenades, cheap gribblies, and access to good BRB powers. I can only hope that this may be an indication of good things to come and hopefully, an internally balanced and at least half decently competitive Tyranid codex is released before anymore genestealer cult stuff comes out. I would much, much rather have that.

"How ironic it is that, as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair." -AUN'SHI OF VIOR'LA