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Im sorryfor your loss Tyler. It was always a fun game vs Jesse. I had more than 1 memorable game vs him and his necrons always figured more were around the corner. 

RIP Jesse

Jesse was a legend of a mate and again tyler I'm sorry fro your loss. Guy was always a great guy to get a game in with, and even if the game was going agansit him we would be joking alot. I really enjoyed the armies he was bringing and his newest marine army was just awesome and I loved that creativity he brought. Guy was just a great human being and I think the world is abit worst with him no longer in it. Tyler if you need anything mate know we are here for ya man.

General Soban


Jesse was a great guy and a great player, I always enjoyed playing games with him, I learned a lot from him and he always brought a good vibe to every game. He will be sorely missed, my condolences to you and his family.