BCB - Battle Brothers II

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Order of Battle



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im pretty sure me and West are gonna teamup, some sort of guard and marines mix i imagine.

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Sounds great! Hopefully the ork book is out by then, i want to flex my greenskins

Missed out on the last one but it seemed like a ton of fun so I’m for sure this time 

Its 2k shared for points right? 

General Soban


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55 pl each

So this is strictly power level not points?? And can unused power be used by the partner??

Are the missions in chapter approved, the rulebook or are the the MGT ones?

55 pl per player. Missions will be custom. When they are available i will post the document. It will be very similar to the missions from battle brothers 1

    Explain "rule of three" thanks

A puppy bit me today, made me cry and stuff.

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No player shall have more than 3 detachments and no model in those detachments (other than troops and transports) may have more than 3 multiples of it. Basically anti spam.